SoI core team

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Sounds of Intent Free Online Resources and Technologies

Dr Evangelos Himonides

This resource has been designed, developed and is being maintained by Dr Evangelos Himonides, iMerc co-director and Reader in Technology, Education and Music at UCL Institute of Education.

Please visit the Contact page for contact details.

Sounds of Intent Project team

Professor Adam Ockelford

Professor of Music, Roehampton University (former Director of Education, RNIB)

Professor Graham Welch

Professor of Music Education, Established Chair of Music Education and Head of the Department of Early Childhood and Primary Education, UCL Institute of Education

Dr Evangelos Himonides

iMerc co-director, Sounds of Intent software development manager and SoI webmaster

Sally Zimmermann

Music Advisor, RNIB

Angela Vogiatzoglou

Ex-Research Officer (2009-2010)

Dr Fern-Chantele Carter

Ex-Research Officer (2005-2007)